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Stacy Lynskey, LCPC
Trauma Specialist


Domestic violence, including verbal and emotional abuse or manipulation; the use of bullying, intimidation and other fear tactics to control or dominate

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Recognizing emotional or verbal abuse

  • Do you feel demeaned or ridiculed when expressing your thoughts and feelings?
  • Must you “ask permission” before making even small decisions?
  • Is there name-calling or labeling?

  • Is it “your fault” that your partner is angry? If you would only use a different tone, words, voice, etc. then he/she wouldn’t be mad.
  • Does your partner make up stories or events in order to blame or accuse you?

Have you ever asked yourself,
“Am I crazy or what?”

Humiliation, degradation, domination, control, manipulation and shame are hallmarks of emotional abuse. Tactics include using unpredictable moods and anger to keep a person off-balance and/or accusing and blaming for things you had nothing to do with. This requires you to anticipate your partner’s moods and conform your behavior to keep peace.

First Session Paperwork

Please print these 3 documents, fill them out and bring with you on your first appointment.